Boys and girls lacrosse in Johns Creek, GA. Northview feeder team. Elementary school and middle school lacrosse. fun and competitive lacrosse. Shakerag park, Newtown Park, u13, u15

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Northview Junior Lacrosse Program


Playing Levels

NVJT Lacrosse offers instructional Lacrosse for all boys and girls in grades 6-8.

Middle School Teams - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade



  • Practices will be 2-3 times per week and 1 to 2 game(s) per week on Saturdays and/or Sundays.
  • Season schedule is 11 weeks/games, beginning late February and September.
  • Our home Field for middle school will be Shakerag Park
  • You have the option to make the payment in two equal installments. Due dates provided on the registration.
  • Boys Helmets - we request that your son have a white helmet for the team.
  • A valid US Lacrosse membership number is required to complete the registration process.  Make sure your player has a current US Lacrosse membership with an expiration date after the lasty day of the season (Fall or Spring). To check the expiration date of  your player’s US Lacrosse membership, or to renew your membership, click here before you register with NVJT:  (Membership > Membership Lookup).
  • If you experience problems validating your US Lacrosse number during registration, please make sure the information you enter in this registration form matches EXACTLY with your player’s US Lacrosse profile information (e.g. name, birthdate, zip code).
  • Read important volunteer information. NVJT is a 100% volunteer organization.  During the registration process, you will be asked to select an area in which to volunteer. It is important that you respond should you be called upon to help.
  • Concussions at all levels of sports have received a great deal of attention and a state law has been passed to address this issue. Player and parental education in this area is crucial. If you need to educate yourself on the new guidelines for concussion guidelines for players please click on the link for Return to Play.
  • LeagueAthletics uses the information in your profile to communicate; the contact information you provide during registration is for backup only. Please make sure your account is updated to include all desired email addresses and mobile phone numbers to ensure you receive important emails and text messages about your child’s team.

US Lacrosse Membership Required

Before you register your player with Northview Junior Titans Lacrosse, please check the expiration date of your player's US Lacrosse membership at  It is required that each player have a US Lacrosse membership with an expiration date after the last day of the season. If the membership expires prior to this date, please renew it. Your $25 renewal of membership will extend your membership an additional 12 months from the current expiration date shown on your membership card.

This membership provides the league with insurance for the team and requires 100% membership participation. Your US Lacrosse membership will be validated during registration and you will not be able to complete registration without a valid membership.

Player Commitment

NVJT makes every effort to manage team size in order to offer each player the most desirable playing experience.  We do ask for each player for Middle School Teams to attend three practices per week and one/two game(s) per week throughout the season.  If there is an anticipated conflict in scheduling, please contact the appropriate coach to discuss prior to registering your child.

Parent Commitment and Conduct

Volunteers make Northview Junior Titans Lacrosse happen 100% of the time. It takes a lot of work to execute a lacrosse season and we need your help.  There are many different jobs to choose from with different hours to accommodate your schedule.  You are required to choose an area of interest during the registration process.  When requests for volunteers are sent out, we ask that our families respond and help.  Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of 2-3 hours per season, per family. Bottom line is that if your child is playing, you should be helping.


NVJT Volunteers

The following volunteer jobs are available to support NVJT Spring recreational program:
  • Coach - to help Coach a team. (3 coahces per team on sideline on game day;  more at practice)
  • Asst. Coach (At leaset 2 per team):  Keeps game box of supplies stocked and present at all games. Runs Game Table (timers, scoring, penalties).  This is a great entry level Asst Coach position to learn about the game. Assists other volunteers needed.
  • Team Parent:  Assist coaches with administrative duties for team as needed.  May include weekly communications, assigning Game Day Crew or timers for home games, or activing point of contact for NVJT games.  Usually don on Fridays.  Training Provided!
  • Field Spotter/StatisticianKeeps stats at the games.  Works as a team - one field spotter and the then the stat keeper.
  • Field Line Painter:  If needed we need parents to assist in painting lines for field on Fridays.  Training available.
  • Game Day Crew:  for fiels used for home games, set up and break down equipment, including cones, scorers' tables, and balls, and clean up of bench area and sidelines.  Done by teams with the first and last games of the day.  Will take about 30 minutes with 3 people.  These duties must be done on game day and cannot be left to the coaches.
  • Timer/Scorekeeper:  Need one each for home games.
  • Water: Need one parent per game - Home and away to fill and distribute water on side lines.
  • Fund Raiser Coordinator:  find a product to use as a fund raiser, inform and organize details of the products to the board, parents, and players.
  • Party Organizer: Work with Team Parents to help organize, coordinate, and gather volunteers with planning, gifts, awards, food, and location.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of registration up to one week after the player's first practice will provide the family a refund of 90% of the registration amount. Please contact our Treasurer - Carol Alton at in the event that a child’s registration needs to be cancelled.